Super Mario Bros

How to play Super Mario Bros

Click screen to activate.

← → ↑ ↓ = Directions

= Shoot   

= Jump 

enter ↵  = Start  

space   = Select

Super Mario is a classic and challenging game.  In this game, you will help Mario cross to Qian Shan’s Wanshui River, challenge various monsters, and finally rescue the kidnapped princess.  If you like Mario, Super Mario is a choice you can’t miss.

Super mario’s gameplay

In Super Mario, you control Mario’s movement in the game through the direction keys, and the down key allows grown Mario to squat down.  The space bar lets it jump while the SHIFT key operates the attack key.

Super Mario’s game content

Mario will encounter various difficulties in Super Mario, such as mushrooms, turtles, even man-eating flowers and dinosaurs.  So here, you need to eat mushrooms that can grow up and herbs that can let you launch attacks. If you encounter colorful stars, then you will not have to fear these things that hurt you. Stars can automatically eliminate them, but there is also a time limit.

Super Mario’s Game Features

There is a time limit for it. You must control Mario to finish the checkpoint within a few minutes.  Moreover, in the process of crossing the border, collect more gold coins and flags before the final crossing is completing. The higher you jump, the higher your score will be.

You must know the classic plumber Mario, so coming to Super Mario will be able to take an adventure with him. Through difficulties and obstacles, through many checkpoints, finally rescued the princess, won the game; One person may enter the gate monotonously, then you can try super fighters, which is a beautiful competitive game. After the selection starts, you and your friends will become rivals to fight and compete. Or wormax, which competes with many people, can control your snake and nimbly control it to grow up and avoid danger.

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